Fusing the art and science of marketing to improve sales.


Create consistent-and-compelling messaging that demands attention and reinforces your brand, building trust and fostering loyalty.


Inspire your universe of prospects with compelling calls to action that connect you with the qualified leads you’re looking for.


Leverage data-driven information to create truly meaningful, laser-targeted communications that rev up your ROI.


  • Qualitative Research/Branding
  • Mobile First Voice SEO
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design/User Experience Design
  • Hispanic Marketing
  • Content Strategy

Industries We Serve


Sharing 20+ years experience in B2B and B2C for payers, hospitals, physicians, radiologists and more.

Global | Industrial

Building brands and improving qualified lead generation, lead conversion in the USA and around the globe.

Insurance | Financial

Creating brands and lead driving and qualification systems for Medicare products, life, automobile, health and others. 

Leaders in all new Mobile-First Voice Search marketing.
Find out if your search marketing is wired for more brand connections and business.

TruStar Marketing developed the brand messaging we always wanted. At the same time, they designed and developed our website, strategically adding meaningful reasons for more leads to connect and then tracking and nurturing those leads through today’s leading marketing technologies. – Tom Forsythe, VP, KYZEN

News & Thoughts

Voice Search brings big changes to Healthcare Marketing

By Paula Milam, President & Chief Strategist, TruStar Marketing, LLC Alexa is listening to your customers. Are you? If you’re in healthcare marketing, you had better be. Voice Search is faster, smarter and more accurate than ever, and more people are trusting...

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