Engage. Connect. Relate.


If you want to increase prospects, customers and sales, create a powerful brand position that ENGAGES your audience, garners their attention in a memorable way and inspires a desire to know more. This is the foundation for building positive awareness. It is creating strategies that set your products and services apart from the competition. The strongest approaches incorporate memorable visuals and messages that can be executed across integrated media, in many variations. Yet each communication is consistent and powerful.


As we help you get a measurable connection with more prospects, your knowledge of your audience grows and so does your actionable marketing database. We are your guide through the maze of how to gather, structure and use the data to impact your bottom line. As marketing data architects, we identify, request, pull in and track the right data, from a wide variety of sources. We design and launch targeted, meaningful communications based on this, to intelligently segment, test and win more qualified leads and customers. 


As you build awareness and connection, you grow your database of prospects and customers. Then, you want to develop relationships with prospect that convert more sales and with customers to improve loyalty & retention. Intelligent utilization strategy of the marketing data launches targeted, meaningful communications to individuals in order to pull them through the sales process. This is a core strength at TruStar, leveraging today’s CRM technologies.