About Us

TruStar Marketing fuses the art and science of marketing to improve sales.

Fusion is not a simple combination or connection. It is the powerful process that creates entire new entities. Fusion is what powers stars. TruStar Marketing fuses the art of branding and the science of analytical marketing to launch powerful brand awareness, measured in real brand connection data and conversions to proposals, sales and customers/clients.

At its simplest, this involves Three Critical Elements:


Create consistent-and-compelling messaging that demands attention and reinforces your brand, building trust and fostering loyalty.


Inspire your universe of prospects with compelling calls to action that connect you with the qualified leads you’re looking for.


Leverage data-driven information to create truly meaningful, laser-targeted communications that rev up your ROI.

The Catalyst for Fusion

For businesses to truly thrive, however, brilliant brand messaging and data generation are just raw materials with volumes of unlocked potential. Any approach focused on just one facet – the brand or the analytical – won’t deliver the kind of ROI growth companies need. Creating a mixed approach – e.g. a brand-focused approach that dabbles in some analytical marketing tactics or vice versa – may generate some positive results but will fall far short of what is possible through a truly intelligent fusion of the two.

Our team of skilled brand storytellers and analytical marketers come together, under the right conditions — focused on your goals, working collaboratively with you — to fuse the art and science of marketing to your benefit.

With an in-depth understanding of how brand voice and messaging work together with data, tracking, technology and UX design to exponentially improve marketing outcome. We design and develop new brands, messaging for engaging campaigns that generate measurably more brand connections. We utilize this marketing data to drive timely, targeted meaningful communications at key decision points in the sales funnel enabling stellar results.

If your business could harness this power, where would it take you?