Services that deliver measurably improved results

Engaging, connecting and building more relationships with more of the prospects and customers you need is our sole purpose. We meet you where you are and help you move forward in this complex new marketing era. We fill in your marketing services gaps with TruStar team members who are experts in their fields of qualitative research, brilliant brand messaging, web design and web development, Mobile First and Voice SEO, Paid Search and Social Marketing, broadcast, tracking and analytics and marketing technology integration.

We help guide you through to more reliable, more successful messaging, lead generation and conversion. If you need to break through competing noise and build awareness and connections to convert more customers, contact us.

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Qualitative Research

The way to the heart of your target audience is through deep understanding. This is the foundation of great brands, and great user experience, whether you are B2C or B2B.  Our brand development and user experience processes begin with in-depth qualitative research into your customers and prospects, and related audiences utilizing one-on-one or threesome (triad) conversations.  Our new product development and validation process starts here as well.

These qualitative interviews are expertly facilitated dialogues that discover what your audiences really want, what they need and how they make decisions around those wants and needs.  The conversations are “blind” and feedback is real, open and not skewed. Objectivity is critical. Detailed findings are presented with recommendations and opportunities that never fail to serve up new and important information.


Develop breakthrough messaging that sets your brand apart from the competition in a memorable way. Our team of creative directors share experiences with renowned national brands and start-ups. Services include total re-brands, new company brand development, logo design, taglines, memorable messaging across websites, ads, television and much more.

Begin with a deeper understanding of your prospects and customers through our focused qualitative, voice of customer research process. Uncover primary motivators, blocks to brand engagement and develop creative strategies and messaging that breakthrough the noise and build your brand.

Marketing Strategy

You have objectives for brand awareness and lead generation, but you need the right strategies to achieve them. You’ll work with seasoned marketing strategists who understand your marketplace, its challenges and how, where and what to do to achieve your goals. We also help you budget across media and evaluate opportunities. We also help you assess and manage/respond to the many calls you may be getting from media and marketing platform specialists, helping you sift opportunities properly for your business.

Marketing Coach Services: This popular service was created for small to medium-sized companies with limited internal strategic marketing. Want to grow? This efficient model delivers the experienced talent you need to get you through the next level.

User Experience

Design intentionally focuses on the moment of intersection between the job the user needs to do and the objective of the business for the user. It is at this intersection – these moments of need – that users and brands engage, connect and relate.

We start with in-depth interviews with clients, prospects and business stakeholders to reveal deeper domain and sales journey understanding, ensuring user challenges and goals are effectively transitioned from abstract to actionable. This facilitates alignment between all the parties, which is paramount in any design process.

Once alignment is achieved, design solves for the identified challenges and objectives with primary focus on creating continuity across all touch points. User experience design reduces friction for the user to accomplish their job. The result is a plan that helps users get what they want faster, a critical success factor.

Prototyping validates or challenges the results of the Design phase and once we are confident a well-aligned solution has been designed and prototyped, we then optimize the designs prior to coding and launching the real pages.

Direct Response Winners

Launch a winning mail or print program, or have our winning creative team test up against your best producing packages or ads. We are the kind of crazy hair pins who LOVE improving measurable returns. We’ve been called in to lift response and ROI by some of the largest mailers. We know that small changes can make a big difference and what they are. We help companies find out where to begin and how to get more from mail and print.

Warning: We take this seriously. Test our commercials or our DR media buying services for your winning commercial. See what improved returns mean. We are real direct response television experts right here in Nashville, and we’d like to help you enjoy the rewards of getting more from your broadcast campaigns. Some of our top industries are healthcare products, insurance, health & beauty centers, home products & services and others.

Lead Generation and Lead Qualification

Create a winning sales funnel for your website and improve returns utilizing response data and behavior data from your visitors. Find out what’s generating the most and the best qualified leads: Pay Per Click, SEO, email or social media. Integrate TruStar’s RESPONSE Optimization platform with your CRM and develop smarter, faster, wiser ways to nurture and convert prospects to customers.

Website Design and Development

Establish your breakthrough brand position and optimize your sales funnel through your website. Our designers listen to you and then work with our digital response marketing experts to bring improved awareness and results. We utilize a variety of CMS systems, including custom and open source, depending on your needs. Try our lean approach by getting connected directly with one of our developers on start-up projects.

Hispanic Marketing

Reach America’s diverse Latino communities and win. People of Hispanic background play a fast-growing role in our economy, and our Spanish-speaking pros bring you decades of international marketing experience. We understand that earning Latino business requires much more than simple language translation. We target the right audiences for your products, with cross-cultural messages that get results.

Adult, Boomer and Senior Audiences

Because of our extensive and measurable success across media with adults, boomers and seniors in healthcare and insurance, this is a special affinity for us. We understand what gets their attention, what gets them to respond and how to talk to them, whether you sell products, memberships or Medicare related services. We are up to date with HIPAA and understand how to work in highly regulated industries.

Content Strategy and Development

Engaging, intelligent weekly, monthly or quarterly content delivered promptly to enhance your digital presence in a meaningful manner. This is typically delivered as part of an overall strategy which we help you create.

Digital Presence and Maintenance

Automates your lead capture, email follow-up and streamlines your processes.

We can maintain your entire online presence from strategy and planning to implementation and ongoing improvements.